We are very proud at the Bookshop and Store Zebra Gre Na Luno: we have got an order to prepare a protocol’s present, which is going to be given to diplomats of Nordic’s states at the time, when our state will lead presidency of EU in the following year. The package went on its trip to Denmark last week.


For any task one does for pleasure and relaxation, be it in the garden, in the kitchen or in the workshop, one most assuredly needs an apron. 

The Apron of Good Will is made of a high quality and durable material (schoeller), it is waterproof but breathable and suitable for housework as well as sports and other outdoor activities. It is practically indestructible. 

The apron is double-sided with an indispensable front pocket and an easily adjustable belt. It is also easy to clean, as dirt can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth. It was lovingly crafted by Mojca Prhaj, a seamstress at the Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Ljubljana.

On one side it is adorned with an illustration of Slovenia as a mother hen (to  commemorate Slovenia’s second presidency of the EU Council in 2021) visiting her friends in a Scandinavian country, the flag of which flutters on top of the hen house. 

The author of the illustration on the Apron of Good Will is our student Mai Peganc, a teenager with autism spectrum disorder. 

In the apron pocket you will find a packet with an illustration of its contents: lettuce protected by a vegetable cover. The author of the illustration is Nik Češarek, also our student with autism spectrum disorder. 

A protective cover is welcome in any garden; it helps us protect lettuce or similar vegetables and is especially suitable for strawberries. It shields the plant from pests, helps retain moisture at the roots, and last but not least, keeps the crop cleaner. The protective cover is also made of high-quality material (schoeller), which is very suitable for this purpose, and was sewn by Mojca Prhaj. 

Oak leaf lettuce is an autochthonous Slovenian variety of lettuce. We included some seeds in the wrap next to the protective cover. The seed is the result of the efforts of the Kocljevina Eco-Social Farm, which operates in the Goričko Landscape Park and is mainly dedicated to rehabilitating members of vulnerable groups through on-farm workshops which are tailored to their specific needs and limitations. Seed production is one of the activities they are most actively involved in. 

May this apron, with everything that accompanies it, bring you plenty of good will as good will makes anything possible! 

Zavod za gluhe in naglušne Ljubljana 

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