The presentation of new book

On Thursday, the 11th of October 2018 at 3 o’clock pm, the writer and illustrator, our ex-student, Andrej Žnidarič is going to represent his work “The historical travel of wolf” for visitors of bookshop and store Zebra Gre Na Luno. Welcome!

Travelling by bicycle as a way of holidays

On Wednesday, the 26th of September at 5 o’clock pm, we are going to listen to the bicycler who spent a lot of his holidays on bicycle. What we can expect and what can happen?   Welcome!

Telling a fairy tale

On Tuesday, the 25th of September at 10 o’clock, the writer and illustrator Miss Alenka Spacal is going to tell her fairy tale “What is your name?” to the children of the kindergarten from ZGNL.  The story is going to be translated into sign language. There is going to be a little sweat surprise too. It is going to be… Continue reading →

The invitation on workshop: Kamišibaj as didactic tool.

On Thursday, the 28th of June, is going to be workshop the kamišibaj as didactic tool at Zebra. It is going to be leaded by special and rehabilitation pedagogue Ms. Tina Grošelj. She will introduce the kamišibaj as the shape of theatre to us and tell us about her experience at work with children with special needs. The workshop is… Continue reading →

Zebra Gre Na Luno

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